Female Muscle Growth Stories

Female Muscle Growth Stories

In today’s world, both women and men want to increase their muscle mass but usually for drastically different reasons.

Men want the girls to drop their panties at the site of their ripped muscles.

Women are more interested in making sure parts of their bodies stay where they are supposed to.  One of the fallacies of Female Muscle Growth Stories is that when the start lifting weights they are going to turn into this:

Not true.

Regular weight lifting will not turn you into the female version of the incredible hulk.  It will simply tone and tighten.

Many women are also looking for supplements that will help them get tighter and firmer quicker.  The answer is actually Horny Goat Weed.   Do not get hung up on the name – this has been referred to this since the inception in China.  It will not make you grow hair where you do not want it or turn you into a superfreak.  What it will do is help you burn fat faster and get lean a lot quicker.

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